Food: OMG instant brownies from hot chocolate packets!

So, the winter before last, my husband came home with four boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate packets from Costco because they were on mega-clearance. I would like to stress that a single box of these hot chocolate packets from Costco is enough to last two holiday seasons... so... you can imagine what we're dealing with here. We have special storage tubs in our house for hot chocolate packets. Not kidding. Now we're coming up on the 2nd anniversary of the hot chocolate's arrival in our life, and I realized I have to find a way to get rid of it. (Since hot chocolate packets are a lot like Twinkies and will likely be one of the only food sources left after the nuclear apocalypse because they never go bad, we've not been allowed to throw them out because that would be wasteful.)

It suddenly dawned on me that hot chocolate mix is made of three things:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Powdered Milk
  • Sugar
Well hang on a second, that's only three steps away from a brownie mix! All we're missing is a little butter or oil, egg and some flour, right? So I hopped into the kitchen to do some experimenting. It simply must be possible to whip up some brownies in the microwave from hot chocolate mix. This would solve all manner of problems for me. First of all, I would have easy make-it-yourself dessert for the kiddos when there is nothing else sweet in the house (epic) Second, I would have a cure for any midnight chocolate craving I might have (awesome) And finally, of course, I would be using up all these wretched hot chocolate packets! Wahoo!

So here's what you need:

  • 2 packets of hot chocolate mix (any will do!)
  • Roughly 3 tbs of flour
  • Roughly 1 tbs butter/margarine or vegetable oil
  • 1 egg
And that's it. Longest ingredient list of your life, right? Now the prep time takes about two whole minutes, so make sure you clear your schedule and set aside plenty of time:

Now pop your mix into the microwave and zap it for a minute. When your brownie is done, it should be dry and well cooked around the outside with a glossy semi-wet spot in the middle. This center part will cook as you let your brownie cool outside of the microwave. If your brownie comes out wet where it shouldn't be, zap it for another 10 seconds and keep repeating this process until you achieve the correct wet to dry ratio described above. Be careful though, if you over-cook this mix, it will be really dry and stale-feeling. The good news is, if you screw up on your first attempt (like I might have...) you can whip up a second one in no time!

The completed brownie after cooling!

Serve with ice-cream, of course!
So we're talking brownies in as little as 3 minutes, people. There cannot be anything better in this life than practically instant brownies, am I right? Especially when you have approximately 983 packets of hot chocolate mix on hand. No joke. And what's so great is that you can stir in candy bits or marshmallows or caramel syrup or anything else you want! Not to mention, the kids can whip these up themselves for dessert for themselves or for everyone! How fantastic is that?!

Now, in the process of my recipe creation, I did a little online research and have to give it to Allison of Motherhood, Baking and Boys for creating the most amazing quick-fix ooey-gooey indulgence. If you like the really gooey, molten, melted, sticky, mushy and rich side to brownies (get a napkin, you're drooling!) you need to check out her Hot Chocolate Microwave Brownie that you make in a mug. It's amazing. And even more instant than my relatively "traditional" brownies detailed above. Yes, I have tried it. Yes, it is amazing. 


  1. OMG...YES!!!! Must try! We rarely have any chocolate goodness laying around, but we DO have hot chocolate packets!!! Nom-Nom!!!

  2. This looks really good! Is there any way to tweak the recipe so it doesn't come out cakey?

  3. How do I copy this, link this to Pinterest? By the way, you TOTALLY helped me satisfy my craving! THANX MILLIONS!

  4. This recipe was awesome. I only used 2 tbsp of flour so they'd be less cakey, butter, and Swiss Miss with marshmallows. Also, in case anyone wants to know, I used small Pyrex containers. Perfect! I don't recommend microwaving the additional 10 seconds more than once as they really do cook a lot as they cool. Will definitely be making these again. :)

  5. I make this like every night now! I've come to prefer this than real brownies!!!


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